Skinny Summer Cocktails

A cocktail can weigh in at 500 calories, so why waste a day of healthy eating and exercise with just one drink? This summer, we’ve compiled a list of fresh cocktails as well as beer and wine tips that will keep your fitness on track. Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett says it may be tempting to swill “healthy” cocktails, but remember, moderation is key.
Skinny Cocktail Tips
-The girls on Sex and the City knew what they were doing when they ordered cosmopolitans. Made from vodka, lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice, a cosmopolitan barely breaks 150-calories.

-Tonic water has nearly as many calories as soda and some mixers are loaded as well. Fruit and vegetable juices are lower in calories than some mixers and contain disease-preventing antioxidants.

-The smell of mint has been linked to eating fewer calories, so a whiff could help you refrain from overeating if your inhibitions are low. Most glasses of wine contain 125-150 calories, but that can double depending on the size of the glass size and how full it is. Light beers are good choice because they contain the same amount of alcohol as regular beers but fewer carbohydrates.
Be Your Own Bartender

-Watermelon Mojito: 100 Calories. Instead of using sugar, use a spoon to crush cubes of watermelon. Add fresh mint leaves, rum and sparkling water for a sweet mojito with half the calories.

-Margarita Fresca: 170 Calories. Add one shot of tequila, lime juice to taste, and a splash of triple sec. Shake with ice and serve.

-Shochu Cosmo: 70 Calories. Make a super-slim cosmopolitan by replacing the vodka with shochu, a Japanese spirit with about 35 calories per 2-ounce serving. Add splashes of diet cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and orange juice, and toss in a martini shaker

-Slim Gin and Tonic: 75 Calories. Switch to diet tonic water or seltzer water to shave calories and add fresh mint.

-Flavor Fusion: 90 Calories. Add one shot of ginger vodka, mineral water and fresh squeezed lime juice to taste.

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